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Discover and explore our discerningly handpicked selection featuring premium quality eyewear, scarves and shawls. Our eclectic mix of designer pieces ensures a truly unique shopping experience, offering exquisite designs that cater to every mood, season and occasion. Make a statement while ensuring your comfort and style with our premium range.

Protagonist - Vanto
Vintage Pastel Neck Scarf - Vanto
Provokate - Vanto
Abstract Yellow Baobab Neck Scarf - Vanto
Renegade Vanto
Provokate - Vanto
Vintage Ship Neck Scarf - Vanto
Zephyr - Vanto
Renegade - Vanto
Abstract Forest Shawl - Vanto
Shelly - Vanto
Enchanted Flower Shawl - Vanto
Yellow Rose Shawl - Vanto
Shelly - Vanto
Abstract Green Flower Shawl - Vanto
4 Square Whimsical Neck Scarf - Vanto
Abstract Baobab Neck Scarf - Vanto
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