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World Food Programme

Headquartered in South Africa, poverty in our country and our continent is a concept that is simply part of our beautiful landscape. Our goal for Vanto is to transcend the superficial nature of fashion and to make an impact in the world, even in a small way.
People that buy luxury products don’t just want an item which makes a statement. If you want a luxury handbag, you expect more than just the idea of exclusivity or the fact that the item itself is iconic. Instead, customers want more important, real reasons why they need to acquire a product. These include product origin, heritage, craftsmanship and a true focus on quality.
Consumers are a lot more interested in the environmental & social issues and they want to ensure the product they buy makes an impact, while also delivering tremendous quality and results. Vanto is a brand that focuses on all of that, and we are ready to help customers with Accessories that fulfil their requirements and aspirations.
Additionally, Vanto contributes 5% of every sale to the World Food Programme, because we want to make a difference and actively help people from all over the world with a meal whenever they need it the most. Don’t hesitate and browse our website, pick the right accessory that suits your needs, and if you have any questions let us know, we are always here to help!